Hur Lägg Till Produkt

1)      The first step is Add Products for Drop Shipper login at: with your vendor login details:                                                                   

2)  Click on “Lägg till en produkt” in menu

See below image:    

3)  It will take you to next page. Here simply click “Ga Vidare” button as seen in image below. 

4)   Next page form is for adding product. Below are the fields to fill. Please see image below to fill product:

Namn:   In this filed fill the name of product. 

Short description:  In this field fill the short description of product.

Detail description: In this field fill the detail description of product.

Pris: In this field fill the price of product.

Specialpris: Fill special price if you want to offer discount price for specific period.

Special price from: In this field select the date from where sales start for product.

Special price to: In this field select the date from where sale end for product.

Qty Availabale: In this field write the quantity of product.

Product weight: In this field write the weight of productNo need to write the weight unit. Just put the numeric value.

Store sku: In this field file the internal store sku number.

Tax class: In this field select tax class from. “Moms 25%” , “livsmdelsmoms 12%” ,  “Bookmoms 6%” .

 Fill these fields by given method.

7)  After filling the form, next is to upload the Image of product. Click on “Select on Upload Image”. There will be dialog box appear, choose picture from your computer and upload.

After the upload picture will appear blow like this:

8)  Select categories. You can only select maximum 5 categories.

See this picture before for the category selection:             

9)  Finally click save product and it will add product.